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Faster Ice

The vending machine for frozen products

Faster Ice GCD is the FAS vending machine designed for frozen products. It reaches an internal temperature of up to -20°C and is suitable for ice …
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Microwave Oven Unit

Wave is a simple microwave oven unit which can be combined with one of the FAS Snack&Food vending machines. By combining the two units, it is …
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winning gcd

Quantity, quality and functionality

Winning is the leading free standing vending machine in the FAS Hot&Cold collection. With a capacity of almost 800 cups and with a direct selection function, …Show more »

winning sk

The vandal-proof option for espresso coffee

Winning SK is the vandal-proof vending machine for coffee and instant beverages, suitable for public places and easily combinable with the SKDUO MAX GCD machines. Show more »


Small but perfectly formed…

Perla is the smallest vending machine in the collection. With a capacity of 300 cups, it dispenses superior quality hot drinks and espresso coffee thanks to … Show more »

FAS 500

The answer for mid-sized businesses

Fas 500 with its 500 cup capacity is the vending machine best suited to medium sized businesses, without compromising on the quality of the espresso coffee …Show more »

About FAS Company

The company first began in 1967 in the garden of the Adriani house, then in 1968 FAS was created. Originating from the inspired intuition of its founder, Antonio Adrian, with his ten drum single motor vending machine, FAS is still in the Adriani family and is synonymous with excellence, quality product research and, most importantly, […]